Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Goofy Cover Art Double-Feature: Beaks- The Movie

No, I haven't picked on this movie enough.  One more go...

Beaks: The Movie is known by many titles- in fact, Maynard Reviewed it as Birds of Prey- and it had a number of different Covers (both VHS Box Art and Posters).  Here's one Box Art for Norway...
That Owl bit sure is...not in the Film.  This one just is 'Birds.'

How about the English one (with the Title I actually used)...
Neat...but confusing.

Is the Bird trying to break through the bars of a window?  Is it trying to break out a cage it's in?  Is it trying to break INTO a cage?  Dunno.

Either way, these are both appropriately-goofy for a Film like this.


  1. The font on the second one makes it look almost like a family movie, doesn't it? That can't be right.

    1. For as much random and nonsensical gore that is in the film, it sure doesn't seem right.

      Bear in mind, Rene Cardona Jr. decided to put John Huston in a skin-tight wetsuit in 'The Bermuda Triangle,' while also having the female lead spend 80% of the Film in a Bikini...so he's not one for logic.

      It is also worth noting that this is NOT based on a Book/Story/Show, but it is still titled (in America) like it was (e.c. Transformers: The Movie, Twilight Zone: The Movie). Logic?