Saturday, November 8, 2014

Zoned Out: A Small Talent For War

Another Week and a brand new Disc full of Twilight Zone goodness...
In this Segment, we get a classic-feeling bit of Sci-Fi.  We on Earth have company...
The U.N. has a major meeting to discuss something big: our Alien Overlords are back.

Fun Fact: YouTube is chock full of Videos about this kind of thing.  Hilarious.
Their Spokesperson (John Glover) and says that the Earth is a disappointment and will be destroyed in 24 hours (to start over).

The U.S. Ambassador gets us 24 hours to do something to change their mind.  Thanks, Mrs. Powers!
Inconceivably, the U.S. and Russia (bear in mind that this is 1986!) make Peace, leading to a World-wide Treaty.  The day is saved!
Oops, scratch that.  The Alien Ambassador explains that their problem is that we aren't good enough at War!  Making World Peace is the opposite of what they wanted.  Sad Trombone- go!
And so the Earth (in this Reality) is now going to be razed by Alien globes (which you will see alot on this Show).  Oh well.  The End.
Short, succinct and quality.  This is an interesting one to Review, since it is only 8 minutes long!  You usually only watch something for that short amount of time if I just can't stand it (like The Skeleton Key 2).  It is what it is though.  In this case, it is a nice, classic-feeling tale of Aliens and just how much they can trick us.  If you see a Twilight Zone Episode with Aliens, they are probably going to do something bad (like eat you).  In this case, they just outsmart us, I guess.  It could be that we were just kind of dumb there.  Maybe you should ask what they want next time.  As a nice, simple segment 'A Small Talent for War' really works.  I guess they could have done more with the Story, but it is what it is.  Until next time, I'm out!
Next up, a tale simply called 'Monsters!'  With a title like that, you can probably guess what to expect.  Stay tuned...

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