Saturday, November 1, 2014

Zoned Out: Cold Reading

Another week and another journey to the most famous Zone since 'The Friend Zone.'  This is...
Apparently I forgot to get a proper Screen Cap of the Segment's Title Card.  In lieu of that, here is this random Shot from the original Show I found on Google...
We're back in the early days of Radio in New York City and our hero is a fill-in Voice Artist for a big-time Show.  He's nervous about how they're just going to do the Show live.
The Director is annoyed at the Foley (read: Sound Effects) guy for his cheap, pedestrian props.  He brings out a 'Tribal Artifact' that is sure to add some authenticity.

Of course, in violation of Freaky Friday Rules, he makes a wish while holding it...
Sure enough, if any Sound Effects described to/performed by the Foley Guy becomes real!
Things start to escalate as the crazy shit goes down.  The Director and Producer frantically begin to rewrite the Plot to take out dangers like Hurricanes and 'Native' Attacks so that their Cast will survive.

The Cast figures it out when their Sponsor Break becomes a bit...weird.
 The Cast is game, however, and fights to make it through this Live Show as best they can.  It is touch and go, but they do it.
However, they walk into a whole new mess when the Announcer reads what their next Show will be: War of the Worlds!  The End.
A fun, diverting little tale.  It is nice, simple and goofy.  A Voodoo Idol that causes Sound Effects to come to life- that's weird.  I like to see stuff like this on The Twilight Zone (any Version) since it stands out in contrast to what they usually do.  Don't get me wrong- that's good too.  I would never bad-mouth the classic Tales of Suspense that are built around a great twist.  There are plenty of those out there.  You don't get the fun, fluffy stuff nearly as much though.  The premise here allows them to have some light-hearted fun on a TV Budget.  They almost lamp-shade it a bit as the Director quickly rewrites the bigger, more dangerous things out of the Script.  In the Story, it is for the Cast's (and Studio's) safety, of course.  I can kind of see it as referencing that they can't really do some of this stuff on their Budget.  I could be reading more into that, but whatever.  I have stated this before, but my experience with the 1980s Revival of The Twilight Zone has been pretty good (in 2014).  I will have to start looking into more of this stuff- if for no other reason than to keep this Segment going.  Speaking of Segments, this one gives us another chance to play 'Is This Racist?'
Next up, it will be a big mystery.  Not just for you- but for me (since I ran out of Episodes to cover from that one Disc now).  Stay tuned...

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