Saturday, November 22, 2014

Zoned Out: To See The Invisible Man

It is that time again, America (and whoever else is out there).  Time to step through the veil of...
In this Tale, a Man learns that the worst thing the Government can do to you isn't kill you...but ignore you...
A man is sentenced for his hideous crimes.  They put him in a strange room and strap this metal thing to his head.  Are they giving him an Eye Exam?
No, they are giving him a mysterious mark.  This marks him as 'Invisible.'

People can still see him, but they are told not to act like they can.  He will be ignored by all for one full year.
To enforce this rule, they are watched at all times by government-controlled flying orbs.

Yes, they do look like the Ships from 'A Small Talent For War.'  Yes, that is a coincidence.
People take this very seriously, since they can be punished for knowingly acknowledging an 'Invisible.'
The year goes by slowly and painfully.  Our hero never thought that human companionship could mean so much...until he lost it completely.
He barely makes it through his one year sentence, but life must go on.  He can resume his normal life and job now...but there's a hitch.

During his sentence, he met another Invisible and they didn't talk, for fear of punishment.  Well, he's Visible now, but she still isn't.
After much thought, he challenges the system and acknowledges her.  Who knows what punishment he'll face- you decide!  The End.
It is a bit 'on the nose,' but still good.  This is one of those that really feels like a 'Classic Twilight Zone' Story.  It has Sci-Fi (with the advanced technology), human emotion and Drama.  The idea of it sounds silly at first, but does tend to grow on you.  We take so much for granted.  Aside from the interaction with Family and Friends, there are so many little things.  The 'friendly for her tip' Waitress at a Restaurant.  The 'makes small talk for his job' guy at the Convenience Store.  Hell, even people we don't want to talk to, like a Cop giving us a Ticket.  Now imagine if you had none of that.  On top of that loss, you have the knowledge that they can see you and do know that you are there.  It is one thing to be alone.  It is another thing to be surrounded by people who make you *feel* alone.  This is how people dealing with all sorts of metal ailments like Depression often feel.  Can it be heavy-handed?  Yes.  It is easier to deal with since it is a Segment that runs around 15 minutes long, as opposed to being Feature-Length.  Honestly, this could work in a longer Format too, you just may have to tone it down a little.  Since I'm the only one around singing the praises of this iteration of the Show, I find that unlikely.  It is as unlikely as running into another person wearing the same forehead mark- awkward!
Next week, a comedic Tale of a wish that gets granted.  If nobody likes you in your job, what happens when all that changes?  Stay tuned...

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