Monday, August 19, 2013

Poor Bastards of Cinema: The Punisher

I just kind of stumbled across this one, so bear with me.

In The Punisher (1988), the Yakuza kidnap the children of the Italian Mob Family to control their territory.  The film tries to be 'arty' by cross-cutting the scenes of this a la The Godfather.

Unfortunately, one little fella gets caught in the crossfire.
A Nanny and Panda are teaching these kids to read.  These people are so rich that they get a higher-class version of Paddington Bear.
The Yakuza show up, tragically putting an end to this teaching bear's career.  He had so much learning to share!!!!
Oh and this lady dies too.  I guess that's a loss.
Every year, 43 cinematic teaching bears are killed by Yakuza.  Won't you do your part to put a stop to this needless, stuffed violence?

Oh and don't kill Mob Nannies.  They suffer enough.

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