Thursday, August 29, 2013

Poor Bastards of Cinema: No One Lives (Part 1)

For once, I'm going to beat Maynard to a WWE Films review.  Keep your eye out for Ryuhei Kitamura's No One Lives shortly.  In the meantime, some PBoC...

Early on, our villains are robbing some rich people's house.  What could go wrong?
Well, right one cue, the people show up back at their house.  Why they drive up when they see robbers and don't just pull back behind the gate is anyone's guess.
The Robbers see them and try to decide how to handle the situation.  Don't worry- one of them has an answer...
Just murder the people, of course!  Why not?!?
In the grand scheme of things, there is some follow-up on this scene.  It just sets up the one guy as being 'The Crazy One' of the group.

Other than that, this scene is not important and these people are not given names.  Hurray for pointless murder (which should be the film's tagline).

Next up, some more random killing from No One Lives.  This is the film that keeps on giving.  Stay tuned...

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