Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Review in Pictures: Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl is a recent release (in America), so I don't want to SPOIL it.  It's also completely freaking insane!  How do I cover the film without giving it all away?  A Review in Pictures, of course!  Don't expect a lot of context to these either- that's most of the fun!
The film begins with a crazy action scene that amounts to nothing.  After that, we get to meet the crazy people who inhabit the High School that our heroine arrives at...
Conflict arises when she gets eyes for the only boy in school that the girls seems to care about.  Sucks to be everyone else with a penis, huh?  On top of that, the lead bitch in school is the daughter of the Vice-Principal. Beneath his normal facade lies a crazy scientist who likes period clothing and making mutations.
When the lead bitch is killed, her father decides to bring her back to life.  This isn't a spoiler, by the way, since it's pretty much telegraphed in the freaking title!  This leads to the showdown that the title implies.  Unlike a lot of films, the battle actually takes up the entire latter half of the movie!  Good for you, movie.
This movie is weird as shit!  This Review in Pictures doesn't even cover some of the craziest stuff in the film or give context to it.  The plot is a giant mash-up of craziness, including Japanese girls in black-face, a club full of cutters and a girl dancing in blood.  That's not even counting the insane opening bit- which is not really part of the plot- or the insane finale.  If you are afraid of stage blood, this is not your movie.  The only movie I can think of that spills more stage blood is Riki-Oh!  There is no doubt in my mind that this film is trying to be one thing and one thing only: Tokyo Gore Police.  Sure, you could argue that T.G.P. was trying to be The Machine Girl, but it did it so much better.  Does this film match up to that one?  No.  It's crazy as all hell, but doesn't quite have the narrative flow that the other film did.  It's a lot more random and spliced together- just like it's heroine.  The effects are goofy, but work for me.  Do they look real?  No.  I love it though.  If you're not royally-screwed up in the head like me, you may not agree.  We can all agree on one thing though: Japan is full of people that should stop eating so many hallucinogenic mushrooms!
Up next, I begin an 8-day look at the entire Puppet Master series- minus that p.o.s. clip-show.  Since I'm doing this in chronological order, we begin with...Part 7.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Yeah, this was awesome, taking the base of MACHINE GIRL and injecting more balls and more stylezzz. A PUPPET MASTER retrospective?!? I really like the first two, but I don't care much for the others. I hope to gain some perspective from any and all write-ups ;)