Friday, November 19, 2010

Mondo Trailers: Cowboys & Aliens

A lot of big names are attached to a film that sounds like a Syfy Channel Original Picture.  What film can bring together Jon Favreau, Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Ron Howard and Steven Spielberg?

See it here:

To me, that looks pretty good.  I do have one problem though: it seems to be a rip-off.  Jump back to my Labor Day review of a film called High Plains Invaders.

This film has the old Sheriff, the prisoner facing punishment, the aliens and the young woman stuck in the middle. Given that the trailer doesn't explain the aliens motives, they could be after Plutonium too.

That fact/opinion aside, it could be worth a look.  Spielberg and aliens have a mixed history: both E.T. and War of the Worlds.  Plus, consider that Favreau's only film with aliens so far has been Zathura.  Anyone see that?  I didn't think so.

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