Saturday, November 20, 2010

Full Moon's Repeat Offenders: Phil Fondacaro

For those people that haven't been with the site since the beginning, I used to try out a number of series' to see what would stick.  One of them was Repeat Offenders, which covered two different genre actors in it's history: Reb Brown and Sarah Douglas.

Well, it's back for more- Platinum Dunes-style.

Full Moon Studios makes use of the same pool of actors a lot.  I guess it saves on budgets, turn-around-time and a feel of familiarity.  I think it's time to look at some of this more in-depth.  First up: Phil Fondacaro.

To put it simply, Phil is a 'little person.'  That's gotten him many 'in-suit' roles for films like Return of the Jedi or parts where plays Leprechauns, gnomes, etc.  In Full Moon films though, all bets are off!
One of his first roles in a Band film came in Ghoulies II, a film that's decent.  It's not logical, but it's fun.
Next came a small role in Dollman vs. Demonic Toys.  He's in it because he's a 'little person' and nothing more.
In 1997, he got his best role in The Creeps.  He plays a tiny Dracula who actually has a personality.  Considering that every other monster grunts and drools, he stands out...
1999 brought him a small, but pivotal role in Blood Dolls.  I'm not a fan, but he does do a good job in his two-dimensional role.
His last real Full Moon role came in 2005 with Decadent Evil.  He's a midget vampire hunter- that's it.

He apparently turned down/wasn't available for the sequel, leading to the casting of a 'look-alike' in a fake beard.  He did, however, show up for a cameo in Evil Bong, alongside Tim Thomerson and others.  More on him later though...


  1. Fondacaro was also the best thing about "Sideshow," a Full Moon picture released in 2000 that was directed by Fred Olen Ray.

    And I thought he made a great Dracula in "The Creeps." :)

  2. I didn't include 'Sideshow' since it's IMDB page listed nothing about Full Moon. I haven't seen it either, so I can't speak to its quality.

    I'm guessing it was made in that period of time where there was no Full Moon name, but they were still making the same kind of films.

  3. If anyone would know Phil, its the great Steve Miller, Full Moon aficionado extraordinaire! =D

    I love Phil, thought he was excellent in both roles in Troll, and he is a favorite in Ghoulies II