Friday, November 12, 2010

'Deep Blue Sea' Moments: Puppet Master 3

It's rare that I find another one of these so shortly after the last one, so let's enjoy the serendipity...

Andre Toulon and company are running for their lives from the Nazis.  One of the villains turns towards a door, only to get filled full of tiny lead by Six-Shooter and dies.  A man (Ian Abercrombie of Seinfeld fame) walks over the body and confirms that he is dead.
Seconds later, the Nazi pulls his knife out and stabs the man.
Immediately after that, he does the classic 'Kung-Fu' death move and dies...again.
Note to self: don't talk near a Nazi- it's bad for your health.

And no, I don't get the logic of how that was supposed to work.

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