Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Full Moon's Repeat Offenders: Megan Ward

Megan Ward is not exactly a household name, even among Full Moon fans.  She has, however, been in a trio of them...
Her big break was playing the jail-bait, reincarnation of Jack Deth's wife in Trancers II.  You know, the only good entry in the series.
She returned for one more film in the series- Trancers III.  Her role is minor and mostly expository.  She was written out of Trancers IV in a lazy way and never returned for V or VI.
Finally, she appeared as the female lead in 1993's Arcade, a film that literally went out-of-print a week or so after I reviewed it.  Did I jinx it?


  1. Megan Ward also co-starred in "Crash and Burn," a film that I can't understand why Charles Band hasn't retitled and remarketed to take advantage of the Global Warming craze... or even produced one of the $1.95 sequels that he's been cranking out the past year. (Ward plays a plucky teenager with a knack for repairing robots, in a tale about people in an isolated TV station dealing with a mysterious killer who is stalking them.)

  2. Good catch, Steve.

    I haven't seen 'Crash and Burn,' but I know that it was released in some sort of set that included 'Robot Jox 2' and 'Doctor Mordrid.'

    Is it worth checking out, guys? Let me know.

  3. "Robot Jox 2" is an alternate title for "Crash and Burn."

    Not that I want to plug myself here, but I have a blog devoted to nothing but Charles Band productions. Here's a link to the review I wrote over there. I liked the film, but then I notoriously bad taste. :)

    AS for the DVD sets it's featured in, there's the "Charles Band Collection" Vol. 1, and the "Full Moon Archive Collection". It's the same version of the film in both sets, with the Archive one basically being a repackaging of select disks from the "Charles Band Collection" along with a whole slew of other movies.

  4. Ah yes, 'Robot Jox 2' has a weird history. I don't pretend to truly understand it.

    I think that the only film from those sets that I've rented and seen is 'Doctor Mordrid.' It didn't exactly lead me to seek out more.

    And yes, I know that you have a website. :-)

  5. If anyone out there understands the hows and whys of most of the Full Moon pictures--including the folks who have worked on them--I think they should be enshrined in whatever hall of fame that exists for great geniuses and visionaries. :)