Saturday, November 27, 2010

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Hercules (1987)

The Luigi Cozzi adaptation of Hercules is a freaky film that needs to be seen by everyone.  In the meantime, let's discover another Poor Bastard of Cinema...

Near the finale, Hercules is chained up by the orders of Minos and his lady friend (played by the busty Sybil Danning).  Naturally, he breaks free and fights off the guard.  During this struggle, one of the men grabs a spear and chucks it across the room.  Instead of hitting Danning or one of the guards, it hits Danning's old maid!

The movie just went all 'Scorpion' on you!  That's what you get, going where your mistress told you to.

Why did you bring your maid with you to the dungeon again?  I don't get it.

Up next, we get to see a pair of Poor Bastards from a single, obscure film.  These people did nothing to deserve their fate!  Stay tuned...

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