Saturday, June 30, 2018

Quick Reviews: The Death of Superman (2018)

Wow, SPOILER Alert, Title!  Seriously though, I'm not sure why DC is redoing this Story in Animated form *twice* in a Decade.  Regardless, here we are...
In this vaguely-New 52 Animated Timeline, Superman is still protecting Metropolis and Lex Luthor sounds like Rainn Wilson.

Wait a second...
The Justice League is trying to keep the world safe, but will a threat from outside of Earth find them?
Doomsday shows up on Earth and the killing begins!  Can a full-power Justice League stop him?
Oh and Superman is wondering whether or not he can tell Lois his secret identity.

Hey, you're not Action!
Superman finally shows up to battle Doomsday.  Can he do it?
Will Superman win?  Will Doomsday succeed?

I mean, you kind of know how this works from the Title, but there's still more to see.  The End.
 A bit of a retread, but still good.  Seriously, I already have Superman vs. Doomsday on DVD.  It came out about 2007.  So did we need another one of these?  That said, they still do a good job with the Story.  Unlike the other Version, they don't make this a single, solitary Story, which requires a bit of rushing.  This one is 'allowed to breathe' and develop.  The Animation is good and the Voice Acting is also reliable.  DC continues to be interesting with the Casting- following Tony Hale as The Joker- and it honestly works.  It took me a while to recognize Wilson as Luthor and after figuring it, I didn't find it distracting.  The Casting of actual Couple as Superman and Lois Lane was neat too.  This still has the usual DC problems- the need to be bloody and edgy all the time-, but also all of good DC stuff- like an actually-funny Flash.  It's a mixed bag that I still can't explain.  I mean, it's a New 52 version of a '90s Story that wasn't done in the New 52 AND we've already rebooted past the New 52 Timeline anyhow.  I mean, what's next- Luthor with the wig and beard he had in the original Comic Version of this Story?
A good, action-packed re-telling a familiar Story.  I'm still not clear why we needed another one of these, but oh well.

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