Thursday, June 14, 2018

Immediate Response: Rifftrax Live!- Space Mutiny

A Classic Episode of MST3K is finally a brand-new Riff to enjoy.  Will it match up to Manos or Time Chasers?  Let's see...
The Good
* The Intro Short is weird, freaky and hilarious.  Did H.G. Wells really write something like this?!?
* The Film is just as hilarious as it was before.  It still has the greatest Continuity Error of all-time.
* The jokes are quite new, as the references and some of the footage.  Well, the last bit isn't new to the Film- it just wasn't in the MST3K Version (mostly for time).
* Kevin Murphy in a Space Mumu.

The Bad
* It's still Space Mutiny.  So, you know, it's not a good Film.
* A guy near me was clearly on *something* as he laughed WAY too much at every random joke.  He was slightly less manic than the famous guy from Reefer Madness when he played the Piano.

A fun, fun Show.  I sadly missed the fake Movie Facts, so hopefully they post them online and/or put them with the Digital Copy.

It replays next Tuesday.  Go see it!

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