Thursday, June 21, 2018

*Late* Response: Tag (2018)

I debated whether or not to Review this, given that I usually do older nonsense or recent insanity.  Well, I made a decision and, well, it should be obvious what it was by now...
The Good
* The Premise is fun and believable (since, you know, it is based on real events).
* The Cast works together as a group of opposites, be it Hannibal's dry wit, Hamm's natural charisma, etc.
* There's more going on here than just the silliness.  When it gets sappy, it manages to rein it in.
* Renner's CG Hands (covering up his casts) are more effective than Cavill's CG upper lip.

The Bad
* A Romantic Love Triangle Sub-Plot is pretty unnecessary.
* The attempts at being a deeper Film don't always ring true, no matter how hard they try.

It was never going to be the big Film of the Summer, but could it be a sleeper hit?  It certainly warrants it.

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