Sunday, June 10, 2018

Forgotten TV Flix: Spare Parts (1979)

At this rate, I'll be done with this Movie Set in about 5 years.  Today's Film is Spare Parts, a 1979 TV Movie that is in this Set for some reason.  The Film is most notable for, well, nothing.  Seriously, have you seen anyone talking about this Film?  I've apparently owned for years and I sure haven't.  I basically picked out a handful of Films from the Set that sounded interesting.  The big notable part for me- the Film's Lead is named Wolf Roth.  That's for you, Bob.  To find out what this Film is even about, read on...
A happy Couple is getting married.  If you ever wanted to see what '70s Hipsters looked like, this is it.
They go on their honeymoon and end up in New Mexico.  Sorry, they haven't started making Breaking Bad yet, so you can't see the house.
After a night of consummating the marriage, they run around in a field...until that Ambulance they kept showing appears again.

Two men get out and kidnap the husband, but the wife escapes.
She ends up with a kindly Truck Driver, who is surprisingly amenable to helping her.  They set up a sting operation where they let themselves be captured, only to escape.
The other truckers help him catch the fake EMT Drivers and they learn about the operation involving harvesting people for their organs!
They go undercover as EMT Drivers- since apparently the Hospital doesn't know their Employees- and get close to the operation.
Unfortunately, they get too close and the people behind it catch the Driver.  Our Heroine escapes- again.
Now with the Police, they team up with the Nurse from earlier- who is turning on the operation- and rescue the Husband and the Driver.

Since they are being pursued, the Nurse lets them out and dies protecting them.  Now with evidence, this ring is broken up.  The End.
A decent drama that is probably never going to get much attention.  TV Movies are always a bit tricky, since they are never treated the same way that Films are.  At the same time, they also aren't treated like TV Shows.  As such, Films like Splash Too, Look What Happened to Rosemary's Baby or Cardiac Arrest just kind of exist in a limbo.  One is on YouTube, the other is two (but I actually watched that one) and I got the third on DVD.  Speaking of Arrest, the Film also featured EMT Drivers that were stealing/harvesting organs- weird.  The Movie is actually pretty good, but obviously the 'Grindhouse' print is pretty grimy here.  It's not like every Film is good in 4K Ultra HD, but they are at least more easy to watch for my eyes!  It was nice to see the Story focus on the wife, when it could have easily gone another way (i.e. Breakdown).  She still spends most of the Film crying, running away and in peril, but, you know, baby steps.  All in all, it was surprisingly-good.  The Plot makes some sudden and random jumps, but it still worked for me.  Here's a weird thing to leave you on.  As the Film closes, it suddenly flashes a *different* Title Card (which IMDB lists as the real Title)!  I'm so confused!
Next time, more randomness.  I do have a Film with a similar Title though, so maybe that.  Stay tuned...

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