Tuesday, June 26, 2018

My Crazy Youth: The Time That Robocop Battled 'Rowdy' Roddy Piper

At last, Robocop meets Wrestling!

Oh right- that already happened in 1990.  Crap.

Well, it happened again in 1994 and it is mocked far less, so let me be the one to take this one...
We're about halfway into the run of the 1st (and only) Season of this Show, so I won't recap the whole thing.  The gist of it...

Robocop is around.  People in OCP are often corrupt and he has to stop their schemes.  That's all you really need for this one (which doesn't feature the dead Scientist who is now an A.I. hologram now).

So with that in mind...

OCP's latest thing is marketing Commander Cash, a blatant attempt to sell toys and products.  Is that it though?
They try to get Robocop involved, who becomes aware of the issue when a bunch of kids are caught stealing the toys from Stores.

While this is an interesting Episode, why don't we get one showing the 8-year old kids planning out and doing Heists on Toy Stores?!?
At a Mall Opening Event, a man takes the place of the person meant to play Cash.  He tells the kids that the toys are all free, creating a riot.

Yes, that is Roddy Piper with a yellow dildo-looking thing on his head and powder-blue spandex.
While Robocop tries to decipher what the fake Cash is up to, we see that the products sold are...creepy.

Hurray for toys that let you reenact Luigi Cozzi's Contamination!
After two face-offs with 'Cash,' the pair finally talk to each other and the man reveals his back story...view Animation.

The short version- he made the Character, but it was stolen (along with some tech) as part of a plan to mind-control the future leaders of America (the kids) with the Show.
So that leads to the pair teaming up and stopping the evil OCP guy, who is very quick to go overtly-evil when confronted.

All is right with the World...well, I mean, kind of...you know what I mean.  The End.
More serious than it sounds, but only a little.  The Episode sounds like it is going to be terrible.  Robocop must battle a guy dressed up in a terribly-realized version of a comic-book superhero outfit.  At least it isn't Steel.  In spite of how it sounds, it is actually pretty good.  The OCP Villain- like most in the Show- is pretty uninspired and just kind of evil.  The hook of the 'villain' dressing up like Commander Cash is alright, but nothing special.  What makes it work is all of the little things that they do to make the whole thing feel real.  We get conflict with Robocop when the kids are used against him.  We get his helpers trying to figure out the source of the seeming mind-control of the kids.  We get a more complex back-story for the 'Commander' than I would have guessed.  The Action is even pretty good, albeit stilted due to the nature of a Made-for-TV Robocop.   There's nothing mind-blowing here- plain and simple.  That said, the silliness of the Commander Cash outfit was enough of a hook for me to see it and the actual Episode delivered.  Just to wipe a little good will, however, here is the toy that they sold of...Commander Cash.
Basic stuff at first, but done well enough.  That's a good summary of the Show really- it's alright.

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