Friday, May 18, 2018

Netflix and Thrill: Jessica Jones- Season 2 (Part 2)

As Deadpool shoots his way into Theaters, I look at the continued adventures of a Marvel heroine that Mr. Pool would love.  She'd break him...and he'd love it.

At this point, the question is obvious- did they avoid the Episode 7 Problem?  Let's see...
After tracking down the mysterious killer, Jessica learns her identity.  No SPOILER though.
Meanwhile, the other people in her life are not doing great.  Her Sister is doing some weird drug and Malcolm is trying to prove himself as an equal as a P.I.
Can Jessica form a new familial connection with her Landlord and his Son?  Can she be whole?
Will Jessica fall back into the 'hole' of her drinking and self-abuse?
Or will she be the Heroine she truly can be?  To find out, watch the (second half of) the Show.
A second half that doesn't disappoint.  Some people were never going to like this Season.  Why?  It didn't feature Kilgrave.  Aside from that, could they do anything right?  Yes.  As always, the Acting is quite good.  Ritter as Jones is always great, playing some bits subtle and others as big as they need to be.  She manages to be super-strong and also vulnerable in alternating moments.  She was able to rebound from being done 'not so well' in The Defenders, so good for her.  The Story goes in some neat directions and everyone gets a little bit of an arc here.  Some people are going to love or hate the Villain Reveal.  It really worked for me and they went as far with as they could.  Every arc had a solid payoff and nothing felt wasted.  Without SPOILing anything, one bit that I thought they had just dropped does get paid off in the Finale, so good for them.  In case it wasn't obvious, I did not binge this Series- as I never do.  I can only imagine how emotionally-rough it would be to just watch like 11 hours of this straight!  Everything is good and earned too.  I suppose I have to go back now and finally watch The Punisher, huh?  In the meantime, enjoy our Supporting Heroine dressed up like a Ringmaster...for no clear reason.
Is it the best Show (counting both Seasons) of the Marvel Netflix run?  Based on emotion and Story, yes.  It just might wreck you.

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