Tuesday, May 29, 2018

My Crazy Youth: The Time That Swamp Thing Fought Two WCW Wrestlers

Another Swamp Thing Episode, you ask?  Well, DC is planning to make a brand new Series, so why not?  The Show ran for four years, so it gave us plenty of material to cover here on the Internet.

Shall I just get right to it?  Alright...
An unscrupulous Researcher kills a man for his notes and then kidnaps our non-green Hero to take him into the Swamp.

Well, a Mayan Temple is hidden somewhere in the Louisiana (by way of Orlando)Swamp.  It is guarded by...Kevin Nash and El Gigante/Giant Gonzales.  Yeah, they're totally both Mayans (and Ghosts).
The Ghosts exit the Temple to start punishing the people coming to steal the treasure.  Why they don't just stay is...a good question.

As for Swamp Thing, he confronts the pair...and is instantly-knocked out.  I may have lied with the Title.
Out in the Swamp, the trio must do battle with the blatant Stock Footage, perils of nature (created by the Ghost Warriors) and the treachery between the two Villains.
They eventually find the Temple and the blood of the Ghost Warriors, which will somehow unlock the secret to immortality...
… only for the Warriors to appear once again.  Swamp Thing/Alec tells Will to give back the blood, which makes the pair leave him alone as the Temple Door reseals and the other men's souls are taken!  The End.
Endearingly-silly stuff.  If you don't know, Swamp Thing was shot all around the Universal Studios Lot.  For example, the other Researcher is killed on what is clearly the same Main Street Backlot used for such Films as Carnosaur.   In fact, they shot Legends of the Hidden Temple at Universal too, so it makes me wonder.  In spite of this, they somehow try to have multiple Outdoor Sets, a Main Street and a Mayan Temple.  They try to cover the small Budget on the Show.  They do a decent-enough job, even if they repeat footage and locations a few times.  They did what they could with pretty little, so minor kudos.  The big draw is, of course, the Casting of Kevin Nash (at the time Vinnie Vegas) and Jorge Gonzales (currently El Gigante) as the Warriors.  They just wanted big guys to fake roar and pose dramatically.  You have to ignore the fact only one of them is actually Hispanic, of course.  It's all just plain silly fun.  On the plus side, it is better than the second time that Kevin Nash played an evil Ghost.  I do wish that Swamp Thing had actually gotten a chance to battle them, especially since they cast Wrestlers as the 'Villains.'  Kind of a missed opportunity- even though Gigante always sucked in the ring.  Maybe I will just see if they do better with Terry Funk.  In the meantime, enjoy this double whammy of a censored Magazine Ad and a person looking at Softcore Porn in a Show marketed to kids...
Another fun and silly Episode.  It has it all- a silly Plot, magic and Pro-Wrestlers!

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