Monday, May 7, 2018

Creepy Rigatoni: Channel Zero, Butcher's Block- Finale

After a longer-than-planned delay, we get the finale of this crazy-ass Story!  Who will eat and who will be eaten?  Let's see...
Alice is now fully-controlled by the Peach Family, choosing to stay with them over her Sister.

Oh and all Screen Caps come from a video feed with a permanent Ad for a Film that's already out.  C'est la vie!
They must exit their safe realm to reclaim the child they plan to sacrifice to keep their immortality.  They find out that people have been keeping tabs on them...
Even with the knowledge to use against them, the Peach Family is too powerful and freaky!
Will they be stopped before the sacrifice occurs?  Will anyone survive?

To find out, watch the Show('s final episode).
A good, bloody end.  Given how the Show has been so far, I knew a few things.  I knew that it would be weird.  I knew that it would be bloody.  I knew that it would be epic.  All of those things proved to be true.  You have to know that this won't be pretty.  I mean, Cannibalism is a big Theme in the Show.  You have to know that this won't be too happy.  Again- Cannibalism is a big Theme in the Show.  I think you get that point.  Channel Zero is always a bit downbeat and this is not exception.  Don't look for any rainbows or kittens here.  With that said, I really liked it and I can't wait to see what they have planned for the next Season.  We had killer kids, people that ate your memories and now WASP Cannibals.  Whatever they have next is sure to blow you away!
Now I just have to wait for whatever they have planned in Season Four.  Until then, stay freaky.

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