Friday, May 18, 2018

Immediate Response: Deadpool 2

Can they catch lightning in a bottle again?  X-Movies can sometimes be really good the 2nd time around, so let's see...
The Good
* The Film is just so damn funny.  Sick and twisted, but also with some genuine jokes too.
* Reynolds makes Deadpool shine yet again, playing him as the sardonic, self-deprecating, 4th Wall breaking idiot we all love.
* The Movie is shot well and the Action is easy enough to follow.  That's high praise for a 2010s Action Film- sadly.
* All of the new Characters shine.  Yes, even Peter.
* The Story is deeper and more sincere than you might expect.  It's a strange blend, but it works.

The Bad
* It's still a Deadpool Film, so it's going to be full of cursing and dirty jokes.
* It's still very META, so you still won't like that if you hated it in the first one.
* If you're in this solely for the jokes, the Melodrama may not be your favorite.  Vice versa.

Deadpool 2 was a fun, ridiculous Movie...with a lot of heart.  Like I said, weird blend...but it works.

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