Friday, May 11, 2018

Prime Viewing: The Tick (2018)- Part 2

It was a long break between the first 6 Episodes and the last 6.  Then you have to add in my tardiness...but we're here now.
For a quick summary, here's me to do it...

- Arthur lost his Dad on the same day that the Town's Heroes- The Flag Five- were killed by The Terror.
- The Tick shows up as an amnesiac, but amicable Hero.
- He gives a super-suit to Arthur, making him a target.
- They become Heroes and uncover a Plot to kill Superian, the Town's Superman analog.

All good now?
 Arthur manages to escape, but it seems like it was part of a bigger plan.  Him and The Tick try to sort it out.
The Terror enacts his silly (which the Show even lamp-shades) plan to kill Superian.  All the while, Arthur's Sister and Overkill seem to get close, while the latter's AI-controlled Boat falls for Arthur.
Can our Heroes stop the confusing and convoluted plan?  Will they all survive?  Will they stop The Terror?

To find out, watch the complete Season 1 now via Amazon.
Silly, but also interesting fun.  As a big fan of the older Cartoon, I was curious to see how this would work.  The first Live-Action Show was fun, but flawed.  It didn't help that it aired when Superhero TV wasn't where it is now.  This one seems to get the balance of silly and serious just right.  The Terror is a murderous psychopath, but he's also quirky and bizarre.  His henchwoman is sinister, but plays a great straight woman to him.  The Tick is naïve, but not stupid or immature.  Arthur is nervous and nebbish, but always rises to the occasion.  Plus, the Show has a talking dog voiced by the original Actor who did The Tick in the Cartoon!  My one critique would be the special effects not always being that great, but that's a fair nitpick for a Show on Amazon and not, you know, a Movie.  That said, I really enjoyed the whole run and can't wait to see what they have more.  Be like this guy and check it out...
A fun Season with some nice Character Arcs, Action and laughs.  Here's to Season 2!

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