Monday, May 14, 2018

Holiday Flix: My Mom's a Werewolf

I was far too busy working on actual Presents for my Mother this Weekend, so this is just a late bonus.  Today's Film is My Mom's a Werewolf, a 1987 Comedy that I got last year.  I got a Set of 'Horror Comedies' that somehow included a Ritz Brothers Film, a Roger Corman Film (you know the one), 3 Films with Bela Lugosi and...Manos.  Yes, Manos: The Hands of Fate.  Someone apparently mixed up 'MST3K making the Film bearable by mocking it' and 'This Film is a Comedy.'  I got this last year- right after Mother's Day- and sat on the set until this Year.  I either do this one a day late, do it on Halloween (which it is set around) or do it next year.  Time to rip off the Band-Aid!  The Plot involves a neglected Housewife who runs afoul of a dark and mysterious stranger in town.  He turns here into a Werewolf- obviously- and theoretical-hilarity ensues.  If you ever wondered what Fright Night would be like with a Werewolf (and didn't see this Film) or what Teen Wolf would be like with someone facing down Menopause, you're in luck.  You also need to set new standards.  To find out if this is a forgotten gem or a forgettable pebble, read on...
Our Heroine is trying to keep our Household in balance and get some attention from her Husband.
Her Daughter, meanwhile, is hanging out with some girl who is *way* into Horror.  I think I know people like that.

She gets a warning from a Psychic, but ignores it.
Out during errands, the Wife runs across a mysterious man- John Saxon- who woos her with his hypnotic eyes.

Werewolves have 'Glamour' in this.  Why not?
He romances her while the Daughter watches, leading up to her being bitten on the toe.
Cue the end of the Movie.  Enjoy some fangs and fur for now.
This all takes place around Halloween and she is desperate for a cure.  If going to a Dentist and a Stylist doesn't help, nothing will.  Time to hide.
It all comes to a head the next night as the transformation gets more severe and Saxon returns to take her.
The Daughter and her friend try to be heroes and stop the creature, managing to stab it with some silver.
In the aftermath, the Parents reconcile and the Daughter is happy.  However, she's then told that she will transform, since she killed the Werewolf.

Another new Werewolf Rule and a Sequel Bait Fake-Out- nice!  The End.
A fun, but shallow Film.  My Mom's a Werewolf is a pretty dumb and silly Comedy.  It uses the Horror Elements pretty much solely for sight gags.  You got fangs- you go to a Dentist.  You covered in fur- go to a Stylist.  All of the shtick is pretty familiar and not that interesting.  The Acting is pretty broad and the whole thing is just plain silly.  On the plus side, John Saxon is great.  He gets one pretty funny bit where he deadpans as the two Teenagers pull out an array of Vampire stuff like garlic (which he eats), a cross and holy water (which he uses like After Shave).  He's the of course he's barely in the damn thing.  It's a pretty forgettable Film and bear in mind that I literally just watched it today.  On the plus side, it inadvertently connects this random Film Set, since it features the Poster for Deathrow Gameshow (for like 1/10th of a second).
Next time, a return to the '70s and '80s.  The trashier the better!  Stay tuned...

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