Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Pilot Wings: Marvel's Runaways

Well, it is guaranteed to not be the most bleak Hulu Show on the Site.  This is Runaways, a Show that I have put off watching for a while.  The reason- none.  Sometimes, I just don't do things and that's that.  There's not always a story!  In any event, it is based on a Marvel Comic that I'm not too familiar with.  I know the premise and some of the Characters, but that's it.  In other words, if I don't point out that something is different, it's because I just don't know any better.  With so many Superhero Shows out there, can this one stand out?  It has a diverse, multi-ethnic Cast and is not about the MCU or The X-Men.  Will this be enough?  Will it be more Teen Drama than Superhero Show?  To find out, let's talk about Episode #1...
In the Cold Open, a mysterious Cult recruits a poor girl from the streets.  What for?
We meet a series of Teenagers who were separated for 2 years after a death in the group.  To get the Parents off of his back, one of them tries to get them to hang out one night. 
Some of them are not exactly on board. 
One of them feels her powers- super-strength- emerge that day and also discovers something freaky in the basement... 
A bunch of stuff happens- including one of them getting drugged, but saved from rape- leading the group to show up anyways. 
While looking for booze, the group accidentally opens a door and discovers their parents all doing some sort of ritual with the girl from the beginning. 
One of them makes a noise- shades of Temple of Doom- and they run away.  What will happen next?

To find out, watch the Show. 
Not the most interesting start for a promising Show.  It is hard to get past the idea that this is trying to mix a Teen Drama with a straight Superhero Show.  Even so, it is no Generation X.  With that said, I have no complaints about the Acting.  The worst thing I can say is that it seems to be taking its time.  You have to make a strong sell as a Pilot/first Episode.  This one commits to this idea based almost entirely around the Characters and vague set-up.  One of them does display some powers overtly, while one shows a hint of theirs.  If you are expecting a whole lot in this Episode, just know that it won't happen.  Putting aside that complaint, I did still like the Episode as a whole and do want to see where this goes.  Lastly, a quick shout-out to some cheeky foreshadowing in the Opening Credits...
Not the most interesting start- as the Pacing is a little slow- but still good.  I'll give it a chance.

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