Monday, December 2, 2013

Buy the DVD!: Thirt13n Ghosts (2001)

Can a good DVD redeem a bad movie?

No, but this one sure gives it the old 'College Try.'  Let's skip the 'Here's Who William Castle Was' Bio and go right to '13 Ghosts' Revealed...
It takes you down a nice, long video (made up of footage from the film) and all of the way to...
 A Display Case full of 12 random objects.  They represent each one of the Ghosts (as the 13th is a plot point).  If you click on one of them, you get...
A video 'explaining' the background of each of the Ghosts.  They are the most interesting part of the film, so why not?
The Vignettes are weird, freaky and Edited strangely.  They are also pretty short, but kind of neat.
Hmm...maybe the people that put these together should have done the movie too (assuming for the sake of the joke that they were, in fact, different people).

Neat feature for a not-so-good movie.

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