Monday, December 16, 2013

Buy The DVD!: Bio-Cop

You would think that I couldn't review an 8-minute fake Trailer.  You would be wrong.  In this case, it is Bio-Cop, the Trailer attached to the end of Manborg.  Hopefully more comes of this- a la Machete and Hobo With A Shotgun- in the future.  Time will tell!  In the meantime, let's discuss this awesome bit of fake-to-possibly-be-real-later entertainment.  Bio-Cop tells a tale as old as time.  Man makes Bio-Cop.  Man makes drugs.  Cops use Bio-Cop to put a stop to it.  Classic!  I'm sure that I'm stretching this a bit to make it work, but why not?  To get a glimpse at this at this bonus reason to own Manborg on DVD, read on...
Crime is rampant, a city.  This evil guy is behind it all and nobody can stop him.  No man that is!
Bio-Cop is out on the Streets and he is kicking the ass of crime.

Well, when he's not trying to kill himself because his body is falling apart.  Don't ask.
He still takes time to kick criminal ass regardless though.  You won't like what happens to his face in the next shot.  It's...gooey.
This Ed Glaser-looking guy is a Drug Dealer.  Actually, to be more accurate, he's a Druggz Dealer.
The high point of the 'film': the bit where the titular Bio-Cop goes undercover at a Drug Bust.  I won't SPOIL it, but it's a hilarious take on a Cop Film Cliche.

To find out what happens (and may happen in a real film), Buy the DVD.  The End.
Yeah, this is just plain ridiculous.  That said, it is pure, unadulterated fun!  In many ways, Bio-Cop feels like I wish all Troma films were.  It is goofy.  It is over-the-top.  It seems to have actual Actors who are trying in it.  I also wish that they were all 8 minutes long to boot!  Boom!  Troma burn!  In all seriousness, Bio-Cop is a great Teaser for what could be.  As a film, Bio-Cop may not be as fun as the Trailer is.  Machete was.  Hobo With A Shotgun was (although not as much as the other).  There's only one way to be sure.  Steven Kostanski- make this movie!  I would totally buy that Videodisc!  (UPDATE: I actually have a Videodisc- just not this one)
Next up, what happens when a Federal Convict and Dolph Lundgren team-up?  You get an obscure Action Film from the late 1980s that is sure to hold up today.  Stay tuned...

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  1. Best Fake trailer ever. Best "short film" of the year. Biocop is sooooo fucking awesome!!!