Monday, June 24, 2013

R.I.P. The Master of Literary and Film Fright

The world is now a less interesting place.  After 87 glorious years, we are bereft of a great mind...
Richard Matheson played a major role in the world of Horror/Sci-Fi Cinema.  With just one work, he put around a dozen films in motion.  That work: 'I Am Legend.'
This book led to a number of films, including The Last Man on Earth, I Am Legend (with Will Smith), The Omega Man, I Am Omega (Hi, Asylum!) and Romero's Dead Series.

Would we have Zombie Films (in their classic form) without Matheson?  Maybe, but not in the same way.

On top of that, Matheson wrote many Screenplays.  Among those films are...
You want to know how varied Matheson's works have been?  He is a Credited Writer on Jaws 3 and this film...
With this and Harryhausen's recent death, we are in a sad time.  Let's hope that some of the other greats in the industry can hold out for a while.  I won't *dare* mention any names, lest I give them my infamous bad luck.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Matheson.  Your work lives on and will always live on.

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