Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Burning Rubber: Wrong

I don't want to be right.  Today's film is Wrong.  Is it?  No.  Is it weird?  Yes.  Unlike some other Austrian's I know- who will remain Maynard...I mean, nameless-, I thought this movie was very interesting.  I love Rubber- both the material and the film.  This is certainly an odd one.  In many ways, it is an experiment in Dadaism, an Art form based on a lack of logic.  If you're looking for logic, straight-forward events and anything remotely-conventional, this is not the film for you.  In the Making Of Feature, Dupiex refers to Wrong as an 'Un-film.'  That is certainly one way to look at it, although I don't know if it truly does it justice. The film has the makings of a normal story.  A man loses his dog and wants to get him back.  It's what follows that is unconventional, both in the events and how they play out.  I wouldn't dare SPOIL any of the major twists and turns of this film, but I'll give you a taste of what crazy shit there is to come.  This thing is a mix of bizarre and deadpan, which either really works or really doesn't.  You know how I feel, but let's see how you do after this...
Dolph Springer (a dry Jack Plotnick) makes up one morning to find that his dog is missing.  This really upsets him, as you can see.
The people in his life- his Gardener, a Pizza Delivery Girl and others- are not much help.  If he didn't call Pizza Delivery Companies to chat or talk to people on a Cell Phone while they're four feet away, that might help.
This Cop is no help.

However, Dupiex liked him so much that he wrote a spin-off film- Wrong Cops.  Future review, even if it does star one half of Tim & Eric.
Think your Office is not a fun place to be?  Well, you're right, but this one is worse.

Seriously, that is damp!
What's worse than an ugly tree in your backyard?  How about a tree that has spontaneously turned into a different one?
No matter what you think is bad about this movie, there is no denying that everything about her is good!
Who is this mysterious man in the Woods?  What does he have to do with the missing Dog?

I won't say, but I really doubt that you'll predict it.
When in doubt, read a book.  That seems to help, right Dolph?
Will Dolph find his dog?  Will his neighbor (aka that guy who's in like 5,007 commercials) find a new home? Will the strange man stop painting people's cars different colors while they're not looking?  Will studying a dog's poop answer the riddle?

I won't tell.  The End.
I like this movie.  At times, it may have dragged a little.  That said, sometimes it can be hysterical, provided you like its humor.  It is all about a mix of the mundane and the completely insane.  For example, a man starts to paint Dolph's Gardener's car blue while he's standing nearby.  When he sees it, he explains that 'he likes the car red.'  There's also the bit where Dolph's boss seems keenly aware that her Office is constantly being soaked in water, while her Office is dry.  She has plenty of towels- no doubt pressed by the other employees- in the place, so she's certainly aware of what's happening.  If you don't find this funny, I can understand it.  This film is an acquired taste and I don't just say that as a cop-out to explain why I like it.  The movie is an attempt to make a weird, random mess seem good.  To me, they succeeded.  It's not perfect, but it's so endearing to me.  If you're open-minded, give it a try.  You still may not like it, but at least you'll be able to judge for yourself.  I just know how all of this praise for Wrong is going to make some of you feel.  You're probably doing this right now...
Next up, a shocking tale of shockingly-shocking magnitude.  Look- I'm reviewing Shocker, okay?

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  1. Some movies aren't just made for me :)
    to be fair, there were a few peeps in the audience who enjoyed it about as much as you did. However, the majority simply hated it :p