Monday, June 3, 2013

Because I Watched It: Classic Cartoon Intros...Changed

I keep watching them...and so do you.

Today's subject was inspired by my recent rental of TMNT: Season 8 aka The Dark Sky Season.  They re-did the show's iconic intro...
It's alright, but what was up with the insert shots from the film?  They were just there seemingly at random.  Weird!

Next up, a combo-platter of remixes as both the Batman and Superman Animated Series' have their Intros remixed and squished together.  You be the judge.
Given the task of revamping and reworking two iconic themes, they did a good job.  I'd rather they didn't, but whatever.

A less classic opening is that of Street Sharks.  Let's see if the Remixed Version from Season 2 helps.
Since my *first* pick for the final one is providing me with some issues still, let's go with something interesting still- Gargoyles.  After two good, but weird seasons, they revamped it here...
This is nothing special, really.  The biggest pro and con of this Intro is the use of CG Effects.  In 1996, I'm sure that it was amazing.  Now...meh.

Did I miss a revamped/remixed Intro that you love/hate?  If so, leave a comment and it just may end up in a future entry.

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