Monday, June 10, 2013

My Crazy Youth: That Time Spider-Man Fought Bee People...From Space?!?

Are you ready to bee confused?  This entry into My Crazy Youth highlights a special(ly weird) episode of Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, one of the last gasps for the Marvel hero until his 1990's return to power.  Basically, Spider-Man shares billing with Iceman and new (read: made up) character Firestar.  They couldn't use the logical choice- The Human Torch- since he was licensed separately for a live-action show (ha) that never got made.  That's all the set-up for the show itself, so let's dive right into the crazy of this extra-special episode...
While on a trip with their College Science Class, our heroes miss a mysterious meteor striking a farm.  Other than giving people Cancer, what does it do?
It summons a bunch of nearby Bees, of course, and transforms them into...
Swarm!  This new entity has plans to take over the world- of course!- and has some special powers.  It's big one...
It can shoot you with blue lasers- not to be confused with the ones fired by the G.I. Joes- and turn you into bee people.  I don't see any reason to question this.
In addition, Swarm can shoot regular bees and make them grow into giant ones.  Again- this all makes sense.  Right?
While fighting the Drones, our heroes discover that they too can turn people into drones.  Damn you, exponential Math!

However, Spider-Man turns out to be immune.  Why?  You ask?
Still makes more sense than Sgt. Slaughter speaking Ancient Greek.

Spider-Man manages to change his friends back by, I kid you not, tricking them into going in a lead-lined room.  Once inside, the radiation wears off in seconds since, wait for it, they're no longer being exposed to it.

I know what you're thinking and 'No, going outside again doesn't immediately make them turn back.'  That's just silly.
They manage to break into the giant bee hive- well, naturally- and steal the meteor.  Using an ice ramp and a rocket system that every Observatory has, they launch the rock away, putting a stop to everything.
That was certainly up there in craziness.  To be fair, this is already a Universe with Spider-Man, Iceman and other characters of this type.  This stands out less than in a relatively-normal Universe like the one in G.I. Joe.  Well, the one before Cobra-La, that is.  With that caveat given, this is still quite strange and wacky.  A meteor makes Bees become a collective creature, gives them speech, special powers and a yearning for world domination.  There's a point where you start to question things and they just jumped about four miles past it!  The science is pure fluff and just serves the story.  That said, it makes for a 'so weird that it's funny' viewing experience for anyone in the right mindset.  If you like your cartoons wacky and non-senseical, you'll have a great time.  This series is a bizarre work of art, even if the actual art design is so-so at times.  The show features disco mind-control, Spider-Man fighting thawed-out Vikings with magic powers and an Indian helping the trio stop modern-day Nazis in Central America.  That crazy enough for you?
Up next, a cartoon from an actual collection.  Remember the time that Batman fought giant bugs and pigs?  Stay tuned...

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