Sunday, June 9, 2013

Moon Over Tha Hood: Killjoy 2

Could you be bothered to show up in your own movie, Killjoy?  Today's film is Killjoy 2: Deliverance from Evil.  With a subtitle like that, do I need to say any more?  I mean, I will, but I think the point is made.  This film comes to us *actually* from Full Moon this time.  Does that make it better?  Do I really need to answer that question (that I asked myself)?  This movie is still bad, but suffers from different reasons that ruin the whole experience.  For one thing, Killjoy has now changed and gets his power from voodoo.  So, basically, it's Scream Killjoy Scream.  Secondly, the budget seems to be even lower and the film seems to be even less inspired.  On the plus side, there are no terrible, CG effects in the film.  On the negative, there are zero CG effects in this film (that I saw).  While I'm not in love with them, they do add some visual flair (if used right).  Plus, they're almost always good for a laugh.  So we've got a killer clown film with no budget, not much of a story and no laughs.  Joy.  Be the only one who laughs as I suffer for you...
In a plot that we'd later see in See No Evil, some people take some juvenile delinquents to clean up a building.  No Kane here though.
Their car breaks down and *wait for it* their cell phone gets no signal.  Time to wander around in the Woods, I guess.
They run into a redneck, one of them gets shot and they eventually meet up with a Voodoo Lady.  With over thirty minutes gone by, I have just one question: where the hell is Killjoy?!?
With nearly forty minutes elapsed, some lady uses her vague knowledge of Voodoo to summon Killjoy.  About time.  Now what else can go wrong?
Oh hell- Killjoy is Liberace.  Any tongue-in-cheek humor is now just him laughing in an annoying way and killing people in lame ways.  This lady is killed by a pair of chattering teeth just sort of dumped into the Outhouse with her.

No, really.
As a bonus, most of the film takes place in and around this canyon.  It's like they were driving through California to get to a Lot and just said 'F#%@ it- let's just shoot here.'

This is really, really sad.
Killjoy takes out most of the cast by...making them attack themselves.  Seriously, you are the laziest killer ever.  Oh and get your own clothes out of your mouth.
After vanishing for forty-plus minutes, the lead guy suddenly reappears to help turn the tide.  Our Final (Ghetto) Girl just throws some stuff in Killjoy's face, finishing him off in anti-climactic fashion.
After that, they just drive off.  Seriously- that's it.  The End.
There is no salvaging this mess.  Seriously, what is there to say about Killjoy 2?  Even by the low standard of what makes a Killjoy film, this is embarrassing.  If it was supposed to be highlighting the titular character, it fails.  He doesn't show up until a good thirty-plus minutes into the film.  If it was supposed to be scary, it fails.  Killjoy is laughable, but not in the way that they could possibly have intended.  He's not funny or interesting- he's just the world's saddest-looking clown.  Freddy Kreuger on his worst day would just take pity on this guy.  If this film was supposed to be interesting or hold your attention, it definitely fails.  While the first film was cheap in how it re-used the same three to four sets, this is set at a cheap location and shot mostly in the dark.  The only film I've seen that was shot more in the dark was Max Havoc: Ring of Fire.  Other than literally showing me the film's budget, there's no way to make it more obvious how cheap your film is.  I'm almost embarrassed for this movie's sake.  You're a sad attempt at continuing a franchise that could have been left alone.  From what I can tell, the third film completely ignores this one too.  When Full Moon deems you unimportant enough to be part of the series, what does that tell you?  Oh and seriously, how the hell did this kill a lady?
After an 8-year gap, the series is back for more *alleged* horror.  It's time to give this the old Puppet Master treatment to try and make a buck.  Stay tuned...

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