Thursday, November 5, 2020

Syfy Flix: Deep Shock (2003)

 A Film I've thought about watching for a long time.  Was it worth it?  This is Deep Shock, a 2003 Film that was Made-for-TV/DVD.  Is it deep?  It sure thinks so.  It is shocking?  No, not really.  The Film involves a Sea Base getting attacked by some strange creatures.  It also involves some bizarre Science that I really want to get into.  It also uses real names of places and organizations, presumably in an attempt to make it seem more legitimate.  Yeah, it doesn't work.  Notable Stars include David Keith, who is the White Character Actor who is not to be confused with the Black Character Actor Keith David.  I can't be the only one with that problem, right?  The whole thing is silly and faux serious.  It's also kind of a lie in how it is marketed (see below).  To find out how dry, but also insane this can get, read on...

The USS Jimmy Carter is attacked by some strange creatures that we don't see.

Being a real Submarine (Jimmy Carter served in the Navy FYI), it isn't destroyed.
It just stops being important to the Plot until Act 3.
Act 1 is built around the thrilling subject to solve Global Warming/Climate Change.  Wait- don't go!!!!

Seriously though, the Plot does involve a Sea Crater that they think is to blame for Ocean Temperatures rising. 

One of them wants to study it.
Another wants to nuke it.
Since we have a Film, you know who wins.  Also the woman who wants to study it is fired after a surprise No Confidence Vote at the UN.  Thrilling!

The Sea Base- called HUBRIS!!!- tries to launch some nukes, but is attacked by...barely-bigger than normal Eels?!?

So scroll back up to that Poster again before you keep reading.  Thanks.
Famous 'That Guy' Mark Sheppard is the pro-Nuking guy. 

When the Base goes silent, he does the only logical thing- send the anti-Nuking Lady to the Base.
Also the Captain of the Mission is her Ex-Husband.
Also her then-current-Husband died at Hubris (but before the attack).

Keeping score back there?
The Crew stupidly tries another attack and draws the Eels' ire.  Eels' ire sounds like a Gaelic Phrase, no? Eel enters the Hubris and zaps our Leading Lady with some knowledge, giving her a painful exposition dump.
Basically, they are Aliens that communicate with electric bursts of data (which can eventually be translated) and want to clear the Earth of us Humans, who they say are not the original inhabitants.

While you try to sort it out, I'll mention that one of our few Leads is a Character Actor most known for the 'Got Milk?' Commercial where he tries to say 'Aaron Burr,' but just ate a peanut butter sandwich.

Google it, young people.
Confusingly, our Leading Lady wants to make peace with the Eels, who definitely want us dead and are responsible for Global Warming (in this Story).

Something about peace and all that,, they are definitely the bad guys.
They may look like rejected ReBoot Characters, but they can kill!
That Guy tries to do another version of the attack- blowing a hole in the ice surface- and gets one of his men killed.  Yea?

This is all just to prove how strong their attacks can be.

They send the UN Navy (is that a thing?) to blow up the crater, which works.  He just also dies and our Heroes live.  The End.
Basically, it is a lot of silly nonsense.  The Film tries to be serious.  The Film tries to be deep.  The Film wants you to know how important it is.  To be honest, it's...well, not.  It is as serious and deep as one about Electric Eels that are Aliens who want to kill us.  That's a low bar to step over.  The Film is kind of goofy, but so self-serious that you can probably enjoy it.  It's that kind of Bad Movie that isn't trying to be funny.  Everyone takes it seriously.  I just kind of roll my eyes and laugh.  The Acting isn't bad, but it can be so-so.  They take it seriously and that helps it, at least a little bit.  The CGI is...iffy at best and silly at worst.  So much of the Film hinges upon it, so...not a great choice.  Deep Shock is a pretty silly Film that wants you to think otherwise.  I know it is a real hot take to mock a Film made 17 years ago that wasn't a hit when it came out (on Cable).  That's why I'm here!  I also like to show Foreign Posters, so here's a Japanese DVD Cover that is misleading, but also cool...

Next time, I must choose between a Vampire and a Demon.  What else is new?  Stay tuned...

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