Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Zoned Out: The Twilight Zone- 'The Blue Scorpion'

A late entry, but time is kind of relative in this place.  Speaking of relative, how do we determine what is alive or not?
A man- Chris O'Dowd- comes home to find his father dead.  How and why would an old hippie kill himself with a gun?
Said gun- the titular one- is apparently rare, mysterious and worth some money.
As strange coincidences start to surround the man (how many 'Jeff's can there be?), will he give in to the insanity?
Or will he find a way to work himself out of this odd situation?  Is the gun alive?

To find out, stream the Episode.
The semi-final Episode is a strong one.  It's definitely a more subdued, character-driven Episode.  People tend to associate this Show- in its many iterations- as more of a broad Sci-Fi Show.  Granted- some of the most famous ones are like that.  That said, the Character-driven ones are nice too.  Without Aliens or anything cosmic, you can really delve into stuff like this.  This one is all about fate and Animism.  Why do we think of objects as alive?  Why do we pick certain ones to do that?  What do you if life itself seems to be trying to tell you something?  How many hints does it take?  O'Dowd manages the good balance between being skeptical and being open-minded.  He certainly doubts things, but fate eventually seems to wear him down.  Everyone does a nice job here, but this is a good showcase for him.  Given how hit-and-miss stuff with him in the States tends to be, I'm glad to see him shine.  If you're a fan of his, definitely check this out.  The actual Story is a bit odd (and not my favorite).  I still had a good time trying to figure stuff out, which Twilight Zone is known for.  If nothing else, check it out to see the guy from The I.T. Crowd really act...  
Next time, the final Episode of this Season gets META.  Also Seth Rogen is here, apparently.  See you then...

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