Friday, June 7, 2019

DCE-Hulu: Doom Patrol- 'Flex Patrol'

Another week of meandering, but solid stories.  Will the trend get bucked?  Let's see...
In a Flashback, we see Flex Mentallo, before he's captured by the bad guys who love normalcy.
In further Flashbacks, we see that him and Negative Man were once neighbors.  Can this end well?
The gang needs to do something dramatic to get Flex's memory back, since he's apparently key to finding The Chief.

Yeah, that guy.  He has no appearance in this Episode at all.  Not one.
Can they deal with all of their issues and get behind, you know, the Plot?  Will the guy from Up help?

To find out, stream away.  Just don't get too attached to any Show these days...I guess.
A pretty decent distraction.  I'll deal with the one bit at the end later.  Discussing the actual Episode first, it is good.  They don't actually do a whole lot.  Most of the Episode is made up of Flashbacks, specifically ones involving Negative Man and Flex Mentallo.  On that note, I do like their interpretation of Flex here.  The whole idea is quite weird- a Comic Book Character come to life with vague, reality-warping powers- and it fits this show.  I'm not sure what his importance is here, but we'll see.  The Acting is really good here and I have no complaints about that.  Now here's the big issue- using Mr. Nobody to break the 4th Wall.  That's his thing, but it was used very sparingly and for random nonsense.  Having him references the DC Streaming Service to The Chief- distracting, but harmless.  Having him actively make the same complaints that I did- not cute.  That is oddly too META.  Make sense?  I'm looking forward to the closure here, even if they made me wait so damn long.  Seriously though, stupidly-META Mr. Nobody
Next time, the Plot moves forward?  That can't be right...can it?  See you then...

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