Friday, June 14, 2019

5 Forgotten Moments of Crazy from 1960's TV Shows

I watch weird stuff.  If that's news to you by now, welcome to your very first visit!

Over a relatively-short period of time, I checked out some of offerings on retro Channels.  They show a wide variety of programs- some famous and some not.

For instance, did you know that the late-Larry Cohen created a Show about Alien Body Snatchers?  I do and so do you now!

There are many famous moments to pick from- Star Trek featuring Lincoln to any of the crazy death traps on Batman.

Here are some less famous- but still crazy as hell- moments...

5. History Takes An Arrow to the Knee: Time Tunnel mixing History and Historical Fantasy- why not?  The Show was an early prototype of stuff like Quantum Leap and this Episode is no exception.

Here's where it gets crazy- they have to help Robin Hood make King John sign the Magna Carta.  That's not how it happened!
4. The Mechanical Man: Dr. Loveless really wasted his gifts!  In this last Season Episode of Wild, Wild West, the Doctor- in his last appearance- goes on a revenge bender.  To help himself, he has a new creation...

A Steam-Powered Robot!  Yes, that happened!  Did this foreshadow the Giant Spider Bot?!?
3. The Big Brain: This stands out even in a Show like this.  Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea was sort-of Sci-Fi, but made the 'go big or go home' transition that Seaquest DSV did much quicker.

In this Episode, they find a weird coral-looking thing.  It turns out to be an alien brain creature!  It takes over one of the men to achieve it's goals!

Even so, this pales in comparison to...
2. The Collector: The Episode begins with time freezing and the Captain going missing.  It gets odder from there!

The gist is this: a bored guy from the far-future kidnaps Military Men he finds interesting for his menagerie.  He also has Robots.

There's so much '...and then this happens' in one Episode that it's hard to top.  Unless...
1. Revenge of the Ghost of...Nero?!?: You bring in Ghosts?!?

In this Time Tunnel Episode, a trip to war-torn Italy (WWI) gets weirder when the basement of a Villa hides the Tomb of Nero!  Much like Zoltan, Hound of Dracula, the being is released by accident and vows revenge on the old man inside- since his Ancestor apparently betrayed Nero.

They also work in WWI German Soldiers, possession, a Medium in a Government Lab, 'mysterious interference' and a weird bit of redemption for...the Ghost of Nero.
Time Tunnel!

There are obviously TONS more to cover here.  Hell, I didn't even cover Lost in Space?

I *may* do more of these in the future, so let me know if that sounds interesting at all.

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