Wednesday, June 12, 2019

DCE-Hulu: Swamp Thing- 'Worlds Apart'

Another week for this long, slow death march of a Series.  Can I get past this sense of futility?  Let's see...
In the wake of the big events at the end of the last Episode, Alec Holland's disappearance is investigated.

Somehow, this leads to a references to Blue Devil- who'd have guessed?!?
The titular character is having problem figuring out what the hell happened.

To be fair, I get like this any time I have to get up at 7am.
Abby Arcane is trying to solve his disappearance, as well as find out what is going on with the sick girl.

It took me until this Episode to realize that the same Actress from the last Season of Channel Zero is in this.  What a bad year for her and good Shows!
Can Swamp Thing come to terms with his new reality in time to save a life?  To find out, stream away.

Young Justice: Outsiders is back soon- hold strong!
Another slow and steady Episode.  The positives first, shall we?  We finally get some clear shots of Swamp Thing and he looks amazing!  It's a combination of great CGI, great Practical Effects and all around Production Values.  If they don't do more with this design after the Show ends, they are fools!  The Acting and Atmosphere are both top notch.  Everyone has a moment or two to shine.  There's a great bit with Virginia Madsen and a Psychic that I didn't tease before, for one.  The Climax of the Episode is quite good too, giving you suspense and brutal violence to end everything.  The negatives here are pretty minimal.  This one is still all about slow setup for the most part, so be prepared.  They still have more to set up (like Jason Woodrue) and tease.  The other big thing (to me) was the overuse of dramatic music.  It's clearly a James Wan thing and I'm not a big fan.  A Musical Score should accentuate the moments, not define them.  If something is scary, it should be so on its own merit, not because the Music suddenly got all loud and dramatic.  That may just be a problem for me though.  All in all, I like the Show and hope it continues to build on the little stuff- just do it faster.  You're on borrowed time, Series!  On the plus side, my personal stake in this one continues...
Next time, more intrigue and bloody death.  This sure ain't a kid's Show!  See you then...

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