Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Immediate Response: Godzilla- King of the Monsters (2019)

When my plans for tonight, I said to myself 'Use that free Ticket Credit' instead.  So I did.
The Good
* The Movie is big and epic.  In other words, its what the 2014 Film should have been.
* They balance the human Characters and the giant Monsters pretty well, giving them both big moments.
* The stakes are both big and small- which is nice.
* The Action is massive and exciting.
* The Movie looks great

The Bad
* There's definitely too much here.  Too many Characters and Monsters for the Film to keep track of.
* Many things are left open- gotta love that Sequel Bait.
* It can be a *bit* melodramatic at times.

If you like big, spectacle-laden Films like this, see it on the big screen.  It's not perfect, but what Godzilla Film is?

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