Saturday, June 15, 2019

DCE-Hulu: Doom Patrol- 'Penultimate Patrol'

As we near the end, we wait to see if the Show will get renewed.  It's hard to say at this point.  Let's see how the end comes...
In a flashback, we see the pre-Mr. Nobody having trouble making it big.

Weirdly, he doesn't narrate this at all.  Did you guys forget to do this?
In the Present, Flex Mentallo tries to help them find Mr. Nobody to save The Chief.

Yes, this is helping.
The sneaky villain still has one big trick up his sleeves...err, disembodied arms.
Can they stop the all-powerful being?  Can they survive?

To find out, stream the Episode.  They could cancel the Show at any point, so enjoy it while you can.
A weird way to nearly end the Season.  On the plus side, they lean in to my complaints about their inaction.  It still doesn't excuse things, of course.  They finally do something!  Even when that happens, of course, they still stall for time.  Granted- that stalling is kind of funny and weird.  Once they get in action, they...stall again.  Again- this one is good, but it is still stalling.  Now we get some action right?  Right?  Yes?  Kind of.  This Episode has some genuinely-good moments and performances, so I don't want to take away from them.  I was just expecting, you know, more.  For instance, that last bit with Beard Hunter made you think that something really bad would happen.  Instead, he's just on Danny the Street.  What in the what now?!?  Does the good outweigh the bad?  Mostly yes.  Does the good outweigh the weird attempts to stall and make this Show get to 15 Episodes?  By this point, the answer should be obvious to you.  Here's hoping the Finale is better than the one in Titans.  In the meantime, let me see if I can get a Meme started...
Next time, the final Episode of the Season.  Given the turmoil at DC, it could be the last ever!  See you then...

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