Saturday, July 7, 2018

Lost in Translation: Rats- Night of Terror

This is an odd one, but also kind of logical too.

So Rats is a post-apocalyptic Horror Film with mutant Rats and Mad Max-style Bikers.  While it leans more on the Horror part, it definitely matches the look of other Films in the Sub-Genre.

So naturally, it was given a confusing Sequel Title when released in Germany...
Great Poster.  Confusing Title.

What is scary or dynamic about 'The Riffs' and why are there '3 Films' about it?

If you don't know German or are too lazy to use Google Translate, 'The Riffs' is German for 'The Riffs.'  Yep.

If anyone is German or knows the language to give context, I'm all ears.

Just to show the fake Sequel part of it, here is 1990: The Bronx Warriors and Escape From the Bronx's respective German Posters...
And, finally, here is the original Poster I found online...
It's all about Color and contrast.  It was almost there.

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