Friday, July 13, 2018

Holiday in My Crazy Youth: The Friday the 13th Crew vs. Vampire Bees!

Basic Math appears to escape me sometimes as this Friday the 13th seemed to sneak up on me again!  Instead of doing a Movie, why not another Episode of the Show?  There are over 70 of them and I've only done, what, two of them, right?  I scoured the depths of Wikipedia to find an Episode with a weird, silly premise and a guest star.  Sadly, I couldn't find another big-time Director Episode, so I went with this.  Art 'I kept running into him by accident for a Year' Hindle is an evil Beekeeper in this strange Episode.  To see how much weirder it can get, read on...
Art tricks a man into letting him put honey on him (who hasn't?!?) and unleashing his bees, which kill him.  Why?
A bit later, a sick man shows up and willingly puts his hands in this beehive-connected hole.  Why?
After being stung, the sick man is the body of the man killed earlier!

That's right- these bees drain the blood of people and then inject them into others, thus taking on the form of the blood's former owner.  Why?  Magic!
The man in his new body recruits his friend, who conveniently is also dying.  Is the air just really bad in this Town?!?

In any event, Hindle kills his Boss (who appears to be from The Matrix) and gives the body to the man.
Due to Hindle covering up the deaths (with stuff like combine maiming and car accidents), our Heroes are slow to figure out what is going on.

If you want to know why a container for holding bees is magic, you're still out of luck.
A side effect of the transformation is that it doesn't last too long, which Hindle uses to exploit the men to kill for him, amongst other things.
Our Heroes finally figure it out and, after some close calls, escape from the bees...for the moment.
Thankfully for them, the last body-switcher has a conscience and wounds Hindle, making the bees target him, thus ending the cycle.  The End.
The best and worst aspects of the Show on full display.  This Show was never great, but it was two things: inventive and fun.  This Episode really shows both of those aspects off nicely.  Vampire Bees- unique.  An evil Beekeeper- pretty uncommon.  A Story about body-swapping due to magical Bees- fun.  Hindle plays the part to perfection, being just shy of mustache-twirling villain here.  He has a plan- if a silly one- and is committed to it 100%.  That's the other side of that though- the bad aspects of the Show.  The basic premise- retrieved a number of magical antiques- is obviously tailor-made for Television.  One item a week- with an unclear number to start at- and room for stuff like two-part Episodes or side-Episodes- you're set for years!  The trade-off, of course, is that you know what to expect every week with something like this.  The formula is perhaps a bit too rigid and only allows you to go on so long without mixing it up.  On top of that, the formula requires you to come up with some many MacGuffins that the bad are eventually going to outnumber the good.  Stuff like magic boxing gloves, pins or dolls are natural.  Stuff like evil Kamikaze Pilot Jackets, John Wilkes Booth's Make-Up Case or a magic wheelchair- kind of silly.  Why did Satan make a magic bee holder?  What is the point of cursing random objects held by dead people like Louis XVI or The Marquis De Sade?  It's just plain silly- which you will either love or hate.  In small doses, at least, the Show can be fun.  Plus, how often did you get such great Director names?
A silly premise treated 100% seriously- just the way it should be.  I mean, just go all in if you're doing Vampire Bees!

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