Saturday, October 25, 2014

Zoned Out: Quarantine

Another week, another journey beyond that invisible line that separates two worlds...
Not to be confused with a more famous American Film (Remake), this 1985 Segment features a future Walking Dead Alumni...
A man- Scott Wilson- is awoken from Cryo-Sleep at some point after he'd been out for a long time.  The world he finds in front of him...
...appears to be devoid of modern technology and has reverted back to an Amish-style life.
However, it is not all low-tech and plain.  You see, the have to remove a tumor from Wilson's lungs (which is why he was frozen) and do it using their Psychic Powers!

Seriously, Psychic Anesthetic and Psychic Surgery!
They also have some freaky Computers powered by Bio-Organic Lifeforms attached to Machines.  I'm...just going to move on.
You see, this world is what is left about 300 years after WWIII happened and everyone went nuke-happy on each other.

The people now were the descendants of those that lived and abandoned their old ways.
Wilson was woken up to help them reactivate the remaining Satellites and blow up a Meteor.

However, the people are keeping a secret from him and he's NOT HAPPY when he finds out that... is actually a Ship holding the surviving descendants of the Military Men that doomed our world once.  The new residents don't want them back and were going to trick Wilson.
Ultimately, realizing how bad his own people messed things up, he reluctantly goes along with the plan and boom goes the dynamite.
In the aftermath, they agree to help acquaint him to this new world and let him live with them.  After all, they share the same World and, now, guilt.  The End.
The future is looking quite rural.  This one feels like a nice, Classic Twilight Zone Segment, albeit with some updated ideas and effects.  The Story is a good one, giving you a set-up before twisting it around a few times.  Wilson plays his role well, although he pretty much always does.  Everyone else plays their roles well, so I have no complaints there.  The initial twist- of them having powers- is an odd one, but still works well.  The second twist- that of the ship- is certainly a stronger one and feels like something you'd get from the Classic Original Series.  This one really uses the run-time well, giving you time to take in what is happening before and after the Climax.  It shows you how to balance lots of Story with a shorter Run-Time, which not everyone gets.  I have heard many people claim that the 1980s Revival of The Twilight Zone is not that good, but I would point people to this Segment as an argument in its favor.  Take us away, the face of whatever the hell you are supposed to be...
Next week, I give a much more light-hearted Segment.  It features a Tribal Mask, dangerous Sound Effects and Live Radio.  Stay tuned...

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