Saturday, October 18, 2014

Intentionally-Deceptive Cover Art: The Mummy Resurrected

***The following PSA is courtesy of Mondo Bizarro and its Associates***

Hey kids, did you like Stephen Sommers' The Mummy Films?  Even the one where they kind of cheated by having Jet Li in it, but some people (like me) still liked it?

If so, then you are in luck!
Wow, this looks neat!  I didn't know that they had made a new Mummy film already?  I actually read IMDB News too!

...oh, right- they didn't!  This, like the Cake, is a lie.

Here's the Promo Cover Art before this thing ended up on Netflix/Demand...
That's actually not bad.  As a bonus, it is also not a giant lie meant to trick people into watching a Film with currently all 1-Star Reviews Online.

The Lesson: Don't Trust a Film By Its Cover.

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