Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zoned Out: The Leprechaun- Artist

Another week, another Twilight Zone Segment circa the 1980s...
In this Segment, Tom Holland gives us the tale of three kids who get three die for!
The trio of kids talk about how hard it is to live with their Parents, since they just don't understand.  Look what you caused, Fresh Prince!
Their luck improves when they see...a Leprechaun!
They catch him and he agrees to give them three wishes.

The first kid wishes for X-Ray Vision to see through girls' clothes.  It works...but he can't turn it off or control it!
The conniving Leprechaun ends that wish though.

The second kid wishes that his Parents (and all of their Parents) would do what they say.  It works...but they can ONLY do what they say.  Whoops!
That wish is ended too, leaving them with just one.

Their final wish is for a hot new car with a driver and unlimited gas.  They get a limo and get to scope the town!
As you probably guessed, this too goes awry as the car is hot- as in stolen!  Ruh roh.

Of course, it does still have unlimited gas right?  Am I overthinking this one a bit?
In the wake of their arrest, the Leprechaun shows up...and just undoes it all for them.  He's such a lovable scamp!  The End.
Fun enough, I suppose.  As a TV Segment, it is a fun and simple tale.  This does speak to the variety of what stuff like The Twilight Zone (any version) can give you.  I still have ghosts and aliens to come, just to give you a hint.  The Segment seems to want to ape the kid-friendly adventure with no negative consequences that was quite common in the day.  Of course, stuff like The Goonies and The Monster Squad is remembered far more than this.  Holland and company do it right by playing it as straight as necessary and giving you the weird stuff for contrast.  If you only get weird, you have no sense of comparison.  The Acting is fine, but nothing more.  I did like the Actor who played 'The Leprechaun,' especially since the accent and speech patterns were subdued enough to handle for most.  If you want something fun and light to enjoy, this certainly works.  It is a shame that stuff like this (and most of Holland's work) is a bit underrated.  On the plus side, enjoy this weird bit of censoring for Television...
Next up, a Driver with no luck takes a job with no strings attached.  Of course, I'm lying and it is quite odd.  See ya next week!

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