Saturday, October 11, 2014

Kaiju Chronology: Rebirth of Mothra 3

After ten long years, another Mothra film.  What was I expecting?  Was Mothra going to challenge Godzilla to a game of Basketball?  Was Mothra going to battle 'Tile-Dragon Jesus' (look it up)?  Was Mothra going to team up with Jesus to fight Black Naziis?  Nope.  In today's film, Mothra fights King Ghidorah and...that's about it.  There's more to the film, but nothing major or ground-breaking.  So why not release it here?  I mean, it's not like that Pokemon Episode that gave people seizures.  It's not like that Pokemon Episode where a guy shoves a gun in Ash's face.  It's not like that Pokemon Episode, that show had problems, huh?  Where was I?  Oh yeah, this film.  It definitely takes some crazy turns, but I still have no answer for why it was held away from us for so long.  King Ghidorah is back...or here for the first time, since this Series ignores the other Films made before it (it appears).  Can Mothra stop it?  Can the World be saved?  The answer lies in the Tri-Force, so let's just jump right in...
On Fairy Island, the evil one of the little sisters (Belvera) splits up the Tri-Force (pretty much) and summons a creature to Earth.
Whoever it is, it has a big track record and wants to one-up itself.
Well, it is a three-headed dragon- built up dramatically here-, so you can probably guess who it is.
King Ghidorah appears and whoops some ass.  He also takes thousands of children for...some reason.  It would help if it talked or had a Spokesperson (like the last 2 Films), but it doesn't.  Three heads = no voice.
Unfortunately King Ghidorah is not all 'non-talk' and kicks lots of ass.  Our Mothra can't beat it!

With one of the Sisters still evil (and now captured) and the other entranced by Ghidorah's spell, the last remaining one uses her powers to super-charge Mothra to fly- wait for it- back in time to battle King Ghidorah in the time of the Dinosaurs.

I'll give you a moment to process that.
So yeah, the Dinosaurs, Mothra, King Ghidorah and a Volcano.  This all...just happens.
Unfortunately, Ghidorah wasn't completely destroyed and is now alive in our time (because reason).

Thankfully, Mothra one-upped this insanity by putting itself in a Time Capsule (which means it was in a rock during the previous two films, right?) and is now Armor Mothra!
This version is pretty much unstoppable and beats Ghidorah until he/it explodes!

In the aftermath, all is restored for...the no other Mothra Films that have been made since.  The End.
Easily the weirdest and craziest of the three.  Having watched it, I'm kind of mad that we didn't get this on Disc for so long!  The first Film is a solid blend of fun, goofy and light-hearted, while the second tends to skew a bit more towards the kid stuff.  This one gets it a bit better and seems to be the most balanced of the Sequels.  I guess Mothra is always going to be a bit lighter-hearted, since it is not a giant Lizard that shoots Atomic Flames.  I get that.  Like with Gamera, it is nice to see people do a bit more with it though.  There is no death or real destruction here, so it can be seen by all ages.  Given how the third Gamera film (made around the same time as this one) had him/it blow off his/its own hand during a fight, the films are quite different!  Credit where credit is due- Toho knows/knew who to cater to multiple Markets.  Mothra Films are fun and safe enough for anyone to watch, which is always nice.  While I still prefer the darker, more dramatic stuff, I can still appreciate the crazy amount of care and creativity put into this film...even if they did rip-off the Tri-Force from The Legend of Zelda...
Next up, we dive right into some real Horror for October.  First up, a Carrie rip-off (or two)- just for fun!  Stay tuned...

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