Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Lost Boys- The Tribe

As long as ancillary side characters meet grisly deaths, this segment will continue!

In Lost Boys: The Tribe, our heroes are slowly initiated into said tribe.  The group goes out to a beach one night with some, well, let's just call them skanks.  Who is else goes drinking on a beach with a street gang?
Naturally, this is all just a set-up for the Tribe to feed.  I'd take the news about this well too.
Oh my- these gals are full of Prego!  That explains why they're so lacking in taste, I suppose.
So yeah, they die.  Horribly.  Violently.
So did any of these girls have names?  Nope.  Did they have personalities?  Nope.

They're just nameless slabs of meat that up the body count.  Who said that there were no great roles for women?


  1. Who cares about these girls? They look hot and then they get killed. Shit happens. I'm ok with that :D

  2. I don't know why you'd attack the character of these nameless skanks. These nameless skanks are people. These nameless skanks shouldn't just be 'cannon fodder' for Vampires. These nameless skanks had nameless skank mothers!

    I think I may have just argued against my own point there. :-)