Thursday, July 18, 2013

'Deep Blue Sea' Moments: Ferocious Planet

You felt that you were safe, but that's when this series strikes again!

While Ferocious Planet (previously Project Terrible fodder) is not on Streaming or Disc in the United States via Netflix, they actually put a 'Deep Blue Sea' Moment in the Trailer!  Thanks, YouTube.

A group of people are accidentally transported to the titular Planet.  One of them- John Rhys-Davies- is skeptical about the whole thing and insists on going outside.
"See," he says, "There's nothing to worry about.  What's that noise?"
 ...and boom goes the dynamite.  In this case, it's actually a giant creature running through Davies...just because.
So, in summary, don't EVER go outside and insist that there is no danger.  No matter where you are, something will pop out and kill you.  Fate is a bitch.

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  1. Ha, I remember that! One of the few ok scenes in that dullfest :)