Thursday, November 15, 2012

Project Terrible 8: Not of This Earth

Not of a good script.  Today's film is Not of This Earth, more specifically the 1988 Version by Jim Wynorski.  I say that because, like most Corman films, there is a Remake of the original film.  Unlike most Corman films, there is a SECOND Remake as well- from 1995.  This film is notable for being the *legitimate* film debut of Traci Lords, who segued nicely from doing Porn while under-age.  Classy lady.  The film is sort of a Sci-Fi/Horror/Comedy.  It's hard to classify...since there's barely any story to it.  What I can say is that it is a haven for Stock Footage, all of it belonging to Roger Corman.  Yes, I needed MORE of this.  Thanks, Michele.  This one is...interesting.  That's my nice way of saying that it's 'stupid shit.'  Oops. To find out more, read on...
A Stock Footage ship arrives from some sort of Galaxy of Terror.  Yea.
It doesn't take long for Nudity as a mysterious Man in Black kills the pair with the Stars in His Eyes.  Hurray for obvious boobs.
The Titles play over a montage of, you guessed it, Stock Footage from Corman films.  This shot sums it up quite well, actually.
Fun Fact: this movie was made b/c of a bet.  Wynorski bet that he could remake Not of This Earth for the same budget as the original film (adjusted for inflation).  Boy, does it show!

The main plot involves said Alien collecting human blood for some mysterious reason.  Oh and he hypnotizes this Doctor- played by (seriously) Ace Mask- into not revealing his secret.  The point of this- nothing.
As it turns out, he's sending the blood to his home planet to save them.  You...evil bastard?

Oh and my favorite scene comes up.  The Alien kills a dog and a woman...who were actually in Humanoids from the Deep.  Way to save cash, Jim!
Take one last non-look at those boobs.  It's the last time Lords showed them on screen.  Thanks for the random flashing, movie!
Skipping to the End, our heroine- who's a Nurse 'helping' the Alien- and this guy who's his helper realize that he's up to no good.  They stop him.
...or do they.  Dun dun dun!  The End.
For what it is, it's good.  This movie had one, simple goal: have fish-men kill and rape people.  Certainly not a lofty goal, but they did accomplish it.  Not everybody can do that.  Where does this fall in the long history of Killer Fish People Films?  Oh, I'm sorry- that was from my Humanoids from the Deep review.  Let's try this again.  This Galaxy ain't creepy enough for the two of us!  The plot of this movie is...well, odd.  The basic premise is right out of Alien, but that's where most of the comparisons end.  In fact, the comparisons between this and what would later become Aliens are actually more interesting.  Hmm...that didn't work either.  If seeing Stock Footage is fun, I figured that you'd like stock reviews.  In all seriousness, this film is just dumb and silly.  There's nothing all that unique in it, as it was just made for a quick buck.  That was why they made Lawrence of Arabia too right?  Take us away, not-so-well-mixed Stock Footage...
Next up, another Terrible film.  This 1982 'film' is a super-short, random mess.  Stay tuned...


  1. I love this movie. I always assign it in every round of Project Awesome.

  2. Hehehe, I knew I couldn't go wrong with this one. Way to go, Traci Lords! This is a good step up from underage porn!