Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gamer Films: Resident Evil- Damnation

Seriously, these are better without Milla Jovovich.  Today's film is Resident Evil: Damnation.  If you just view this film on its own, it's simple to understand.  If you view it as part of a bigger narrative, things get a bit confusing.  It's a sequel- sort of- to Resident Evil: Degeneration.  I say that since it shares the same lead and has zombies in it.  That said, the character of Leon Kennedy also appears in the games.  Further muddying the waters is the fact that Degeneration appeared to exist outside of game continuity, while this game is basically a prequel to Resident Evil 6 (the game, not the upcoming *sigh* film).  The film utilizes a unique idea...provided that you don't know about Return of the Living Dead 3, 4 or 5.  Our hero goes to a vague European country to stop a Civil War involving one side using the undead as weapons.  This creates another departure from the regular series continuity, but it will make sense in the long run.  To find out whether this tie-in film is worth your time, read on...
A vague European country is involved in a Civil War.  Our hero is called in...but then instantly called out.

Kind of a weird way to begin a film, but alright.
When he arrives, he finds that zombies and other Umbrella creatures- mainly Lickers- are being used as weapons.  Even worse- they can be controlled.
As he learns, there are new Zombies here as well.  Some of them are intelligent and can use guns.

This is a build-up to Resident Evil 6.  Interesting idea, but it leads to some very polarizing opinions.  I'll leave that debate to actual Resident Evil fans though.
The crux of the story involves the President of Not-Properly-Named-istan working with series regular Aida Wong to get her own bio weapons.  She's Euopean, of course, so she can't be trusted.
Leon, meanwhile, continues to work both with and against the Rebels.  It's a bit confusing, especially when both sides use zombies/monsters as weapons.  Unfortunately...
The President has the baddest ones available- Tyrants.  Their big move- crushing heads.

Oh and they're nigh indestructible.
I won't SPOIL this big action scene from the end.  If you're at all interested in seeing this film, I recommend it just for this scene!  It's that awesome.
Even if our hero manages to survive this epic battle, can he end the war?  Can he save those he cares about?
Oh and Ada gives the new C-Virus to...someone.  It's one of those 'more will be explained later' scenes like in Amazing Spider-Man.  In this case, you have to play Resident Evil 6.  Joy.  The End.
A Zombie film with brains- interesting.  The story is interesting, even if it seems incomplete.  It feels like they either want you to wait for another film...or just want you to play Resident Evil 6.  It's funny that they do this, given the live-action film's penchants for saying 'See the next movie!'  Seriously, watch the ending to the last film and try not to feel that way.  That said, I did like the story that they presented.  If you were unaware of the game, you could get a pretty good experience here.  I just wish that the whole thing wasn't a long-form teaser for the game.  The only other problem here is the lack of explanation.  Basically, they just assume that you've played the games and/or seen the movies.  They don't even give an ancillary explanation for the Lickers, Tyrants or anything.  If you don't know the back-story on these creatures, you're SOL.  Aside from those complaints, this is a good action-adventure film.  The CG is amazingly-lifelike and you get used to it pretty quickly.  If you want to nit pick the film any more than me, the Tyrant has a reply for you...
Up next, an anthology film for a first-person shooter game franchise.  It's a random hodge-podge of stories...that are kind of good.  Stay tuned...

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