Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sexy Macabro: Satan's Blood

So much blood!  Today's (other) film is Satan's Blood, a Mondo Macabro release that I've put off for quite a while.  The film's plot is said to be partially-inspired by Rosemary's Baby, although that's a bit misleading.  This movie is sort of a hodge-podge of other movie's plots.  It tells the tale of a young couple who go out for a night on the town, only to run into some people that take their lives in a direction that they never saw coming.  Will it also be the end of their lives too?  Only time (and the review) will tell.  The film is notable for it's Rating in Spain- 'S.'  The S-Rating is for films that have a lot of sex in them...and it definitely qualifies here.  Like most of the films that feature, it could easily be cut out and the film would be nearly-identical.  Regardless, it's here, so let's roll with it.  The real challenge here is to see if you can guess which movie's twist ending that this is building up to.  If you guess it fairly, I'll be amazed.  To find out about the film (and to play the game), read on...
The film's opening sequence comes right out of Tombs of the Blind Dead and features cultists killing some lady, but only after baring her boobs.

This scene- entirely superfluous.
While going out for a night on the town, our heroes run across a couple who's male half swears that he knows our hero.  Why doesn't he remember this stranger then?  More importantly, why does he constantly remind me of Ricky Ricardo?
They hang out with the mysterious couple, have some drinks (by the way, the wife is 4 months pregnant) and play with a Ouija Board.  You know that they're serious Satanists, since they have something that was sold in America as a children's toy!
This leads to the movie's most notable scene: a random, Satanic orgy.  They walk in on the couple, get hypnotized (I guess) and engage in this prolonged scene.

On the plus side, it makes the censorship nice and fun.
They remember nothing the next day and begin to question their hosts.  It probably doesn't help that their dog disappeared (foreshadowing the twist ending), their hosts are being mysterious and their car is suddenly not working.
There's a sub-plot involving a Doctor- who shows up later- that appears when the wife is sick.  There's always a price for Satanic orgies, obviously.
As a bonus, there's a creepy doll.  That cliche wasn't too tired by this point.  Plus, it's head explodes in blood (see this week's Because I Watched It)!
Our heroes finally escape the house and go home...only to find their apartment cleared out.  Maybe the neighbors can clear this whole mess up...
Our heroes are killed by the group and, at some point later, our hero shows the role of the other husband.  That's right- this is the twist ending from Manos: The Hands of Fate!!!!
Sex sells...I guess.  The movie's got an interesting idea for a plot, builds up pretty well and...then loses all of its momentum for sex scenes.  The scenes don't necessarily ruin the movie, but they ruin the pacing.  The movie up to that point is all about mystery and atmosphere and then...long sex scene.  It's just out of place.  It's also a problem that could be easily-fixed with a little bit of Editing.  You want to imply that they succumbed to the power?  Fine.  Just show the scene's beginning and fade to black/use a wipe, etc.  That aside, the movie has some neat effects and builds up to something interesting, albeit silly.  Putting aside the sex scenes- which you can easily fast-forward through, like I did-, the movie is full of intrigue and has some neat visuals to it.  Regardless of how the movie is, the Disc features the classic Mondo Macabro Promo Reel, which is always golden. Take us away, future-Mother of the Year...
Next up, a week-long look at the works of 'famed auteur' Renny Harlin.  First up, his second-biggest bomb, which also starred his wife.  Stay tuned...


  1. I love every second of this movie. I'm going to have to re-review it soon because man, there are just so many elements to it (aside from the sex that you mentioned) that are just so deliciously evil.

  2. It's a shame. I'm a huge fan of the Spanish Horror of the 60s/70s but for whatever reason, I never managed to check this one out. Lame, Maynard. Very lame.

  3. The ending is a replacement story ending. The couple gets lured into sex cult, they make it home, but when they get home they realize that they have been robbed, and are now the recruiters for the sex cult. :)