Saturday, September 22, 2012

Because I Watched It: A Double-Dose of Alfonso Brescia (plus Goblin)

Alfonso Brescia is a name unknown to people who only watch good movies.  If, however, you've ever watched a Mill Creek Sci-Fi Collection before, you'll know his works like Cosmos: War of the Planets, War of the Robots and Star Odyssey.

Thanks to YouTube, I bring you the original opening to Battle of the Stars, the rarest one in the bunch.  It's music is...enchanting.
Now here's the funny part: Cosmos- War of the Planets was shot in conjunction with that film.  It has the same cast, the same sets and even the same introductory song...
The funny part is that neither U.S. release has these songs on them (to my knowledge).  They just have generic 'space music' on them.

As a palette cleanser, I offer you the full version of Goblin's theme song for Suspiria.  It's still damn good- even after thirty plus years!
Got any crazy videos that need to be shared?  Just want to lash out at me for this horrible music?  Either way, leave a comment.  It's good for the soul.

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